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Biohazard Cleaning

We are proudly certified to deal with Biohazard situations and have a team of fully trained staff who are experienced and confident with what we do.

Biohazard Cleaning is putting yourself in a high risk situation, in properties or buildings which usually require decontamination, sanitisation, deodorisation and often decluttering. These cleans are complex and the individual carrying them out should always be trained due to the complex nature and health and safety issues involved.

We are also trained in mental health cleaning and hoarding situations. You may be hoarding a full lifetime of items which need extra care going through them. Our incredibly skilled and caring staff can help you with this, every step of the way.


Specialist cleaning could be needed after an accident in the home or workplace, or it could be following a death.  We can arrange the removal or cleanup of items which are contaminated with bodily fluids, then deep clean the home and most importantly, make it safe and habitable once more.


We are compassionate and understanding during what may be an incredibly difficult time. We work closely with our clients and their families and pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service carefully considered to the individual and their wants and needs.

Mould Removal, Treatment and Protection 

Crime Scene Cleaning

Decomposition & Unattended Death Cleaning

Infection Control

Trauma Cleaning

Needles & Sharps Removal

Extreme Cleaning

Police, Prison & Vehicle Cleaning


Mould Removal 

Did you know mould is a category 1 Health risk, which is the same category as asbestos?


Did you know that mould now has new LEGISLATION and laws around it to protect tenants from living in damp, mouldy spaces - Awaab’s Law


Not only does it look unsightly, mould is associated with health problems such as Athma, allergic reactions & chronic fatigue. It is particularly dangerous to children, & the elderly. 

Did you know that mould spores can grow on living tissue, for example our lungs and eyes

Mould Cleaning
How Can We Help?
  • Fully qualified to identify, remove & treat the area. 

  • Apply specialist product to prevent the mould from returning 

  • Making a SAFE home for all


Our specialist cleaning team of trained and insured professionals are here to tackle this Biohazard clean and remove the mould, and carry out a full sealing process to avoid recurrence of mould. 


Trauma Cleaning

Although this is a situation we hope you never find yourself in, sadly this is a service which is needed for so many.


We specialise in trauma cleaning, which may be following a suicide or a suicide attempt a bad accident or an attack or incident. We are specially trained to deal with these situations and to remove the bodily fluids e.g. blood from a property.


We also attend homes where a body has been found or someone has passed away and been undiscovered for a length of time, this is called an unattended death. We work hard to restore the property and remove the signs of trauma.

How Can We Help?

We work with flies, maggots and any other insects and we specialise in odour removal.

We offer a very personalised service for trauma cleaning, as we understand it’s an extremely difficult time for the next of kin of the person who have passed away or been hospitalised.  

If there are personal items which need retrieving from a property because the occupier is deceased or hospitalised we are happy to help. We offer helpful services such as renewing bedding or furniture that may have become spoilt and removing all bio hazardous waste. We taylor this to your needs at the time.


Sharps Removal 

Our highly trained and certified staff are able to carry out needle clear ups in York and the surrounding area. A range of properties may need the service, including landlords, hotel owners, construction site manager or anyone else who may find themselves in this bio hazardous situation.


Needles, syringes and blades are referred to as sharps and need to be dealt with by a professional due to the potential health risks involved.

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These guys are brilliant, I really cannot recommend them enough! Helen is organised, professional and quick to respond to messages. They clean to such a high standard and I don't know how they get so much done in the time they have!


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